Our Story

Our Story Starts with

Chicago Helicopter Experience

Taggable Co-Founder and CEO, Trevor Heffernan, started out in the tour and attraction industry over 11 years ago when he established Chicago’s first ever helicopter tour company, Chicago Helicopter Experience (CHE for short). CHE was a helicopter tour operator based in Chicago Illinois which would take guests on skyline tours over Chicago. Trevor built this company from the ground up starting out with a few passengers a week and growing it to a 40+ employee company operating four aircraft seven days a week, flying tens of thousands of passengers a year.

From day one, CHE had your basic photo printing operation. During a tour, CHE would take one iconic photo of the guest in front of their helicopter, print the photo while they were out on the tour, put it in a cardboard frame, and hope that the guest would like it enough to purchase it at the end of the tour.


What We Learned

After years of printing expenses, mechanical headaches, employee errors, hidden costs, photo waste, and unsatisfied customers, Trevor knew there had to be a better way to manage photos. He set out to perfect the clunky photo process that had become so common in the industry. Here's what he learned:

Taggable was Born

So Trevor teamed up with some tech experts and developed a system which let CHE take a whole bunch of photos of their guests, allowed each guest to preview them all on their own device, purchase what they wanted, and have them delivered in a digital format instantly to their phone… Taggable was born.

Trevor utilized and perfected the system at CHE. By allowing his guests to preview all of their photos, offering multiple photos for sale at one low price, and delivering the photos digitally and instantly to each guest’s phone, Taggable increased CHE’s photo sell through rate by 59.77%.

Not only did sales increase, but CHE eliminated all photo printers, photo paper, photo ink, photo frames, and the staff who ran the photo counter. This completely eliminated CHE’s photo production costs, a 100% reduction.

Taggable did take a small percentage of each photo sale as a fee, but even with that fee factored in, CHE’s switch to Taggable still resulted in a 77% increase to photo sales profit!

After experiencing the benefits of Taggable first hand and seeing the impact it had on CHE’s bottom line, Trevor knew his friends and partners in the tourism industry could also benefit from Taggable. Today Trevor, along with his partners at Taggable, focus all of their time and effort on bringing the digital age to every tour operator, attraction, and venue in the world.